Our Strategy

Vision:   To be a global leader in the design and manufacture of engineered-to-order equipment for the energy industries.

Our Strategy:      Our objective is to capture more market share within the geographies and industries we serve, expand our geographic markets and grow our presence in the energy industry and continually improve our results of operation. To accomplish our strategy, we endeavor to:

  • Capitalize on the strength of the Graham brand in order to win more business in our traditional markets and enter other markets.
  • Identify acquisition and organic growth opportunities where our brand strength provides us an advantage to expand and complement our core business. This includes opportunities to extend our existing product lines, move into complementary product lines and to expand our global sales presence in order to further broaden our existing markets and reach additional markets.
  • Invest in people and capital to meet the long-term growth in demand for our products in the oil refining, petrochemical processing and power generating industries, especially in emerging markets. Specifically, we intend to strengthen our sales and engineering in Asia and establish manufacturing capabilities where long-term estimates of demand for oil and oil by-products point to continued growth.
  • Always deliver products and solutions that enable our customers to achieve their operating objectives and that differentiate us from our competitors, and which allows us to win new orders based on value.

In order to effectively implement our strategy, we also must continually work to improve ourselves. These efforts include:

  • Invest in engineering resources and technology in order to advance our vacuum and heat transfer technology market penetration.
  • Enhance our engineering and manufacturing capacities, especially in connection with the design of our products, in order to be able to more quickly respond to existing and future customer demands.
  • Accelerate our bids on available contracts by implementing front-end bid automation and design processes.
  • Expand our margins by implementing and expanding upon our operational efficiencies through a flexible manufacturing flow model and other cost efficiencies.